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Une friandise à déguster ! Nigel Farage parle....


Populisme ? Non, voix populaire,
exprimant bien ce que les peuples ressentent !
Pas la langue de bois, enfin !
Une friandise à déguster ! Chavez parle...






Politique poubelle,

par eva R-sistons



Nigel Farage au Parlement européen,

une friandise à déguster:

Après les vérités de Chavez sur l'Empire,

voici les vérités du courageux Nigel Farage

sur la poubelle de l'U.E..

Faut-il s'étonner s'il a été victime d'un accident d'avion,

comme avant lui le Président de Pologne

- opposé à la Mafia pharmaceutique -,

ou comme Kennedy assassiné au moment où il voulait protéger

les libertés de ses compatriotes ?

Et que dire des chercheurs éliminés parce que, comme Icare,

ils se sont approchés de la Vérité ?

La politique n'a jamais été propre.

Aujourd'hui, comme dit Nigel Farage, elle est une poubelle.

Démocratie poubelle !





Pêle-mêle, le monde moderne:



rackets des citoyens,

pillage des caisses populaires,

mensonges d'Etat,

terrorisme d'Etat,

crises et pandémies provoquées,

attentats sous faux drapeaux,

islamophobie galopante,

destruction des emplois,

chasse aux pauvres, aux immigrés, aux Roms,

casse de tous les acquis sociaux,

guerres préventives, permanentes, totales et même nucléaires,

dictature du marché,

fascisation des politiques,

médias vendus,

programmes de dépopulation,

imposition de mesures ou de Traités,

politiques liberticides,

destruction des services publics,

interdiction de la médecine naturelle,

pollutions délibérées (pesticides, chemtrails, OGM..),

alimentation poubelle,

armes climatiques,

justice aux ordres,

contrôle total des populations,

violence sociale,

vols des ressources naturelles,

terrorisme intellectuel,


spéculation sur les matières premières,

destruction des Etats,

main-mise de l'Etranger,

mépris des citoyens,

supplantation du travail par le capital,

destabilisations et divisions,

marchandisation de l'univers,

torture d'animaux pour le profit,

trahisons des Electeurs,

corruption généralisée...

La politique-ordure !


Nigel, merci.

Ton franc-parler,

ton langage de la vérité,

sont un régal pour tous !

Tu nous reconcilies avec la politique...

Comme Chavez !

Hommage à ces courageux individus

qui au péril de leur vie, bravent la Pensée Unique.


Eva R-sistons




Scientifiques morts mystérieusement

#87 Wallace.Pannier.jpgWallace L. Pannier, 81. Died Aug. 6, of respiratory failure and other natural causes. Pannier, a germ warfare scientist whose top-secret projects included a mock attack on the New York subway with powdered bacteria in 1966. Mr. Pannier worked at Fort Detrick, a US Army installation in Frederick that tested biological weapons during the Cold War and is now a center for biodefense research. He worked in the Special Operations Division, a secretive unit operating there from 1949 to 1969, according to family members and published reports. The unit developed and tested delivery systems for deadly agents such as anthrax and smallpox.

#86 090618.August.M.Watanabe.jpgAugust "Gus" Watanabe, 67. Died June 9, found dead outside a cabin in Brown County. Friends discovered the body, a .38-caliber handgun and a three-page note at the scene. They said he had been depressed following the death last month of his daughter Nan Reiko Watanabe Lewis. She died at age 44 while recovering from elective surgery. Watanabe was one of the five highest-paid officers of Indianapolis pharmaceutical maker Eli Lilly and Co. when he retired in 2003.

#85 090605.Caroline.Coffey.jpgCaroline Coffey, 28. Died June 3, from massive cuts to her throat. Hikers found the body of the Cornell Univ. post-doctoral bio-medicine researcher along a wooded trail in the park, just outside Ithaca, N.Y., where the Ivy League school is located. Her husband was hospitalized under guard after a police chase and their apartment set on fire.

Died 2008

#83 & 84090504.Bonomo-Ferez.jpgLaurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23. Died July 3, after being bound, gagged, stabbed and set alight. Laurent, a student in the proteins that cause infectious disease, had been stabbed 196 times with half of them being administered to his back after he was dead. Gabriel, who hoped to become an expert in ecofriendly fuels, suffered 47 separate injuries.

Died 2007
#82: Yongsheng.Li.jpgYongsheng Li, age 29. Died: sometime after 4 p.m. on March 10, when he was last seen as a result of unknown causes. He was found in a pond between the Women's Sports Complex and State Botanical Gardens on South Milledge Avenue Sunday and had been missing 16 days. Li was a doctoral student from China who studied receptor cells in Regents Professor David Puett's biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory.

#81: Mario-Alberto-Vargas-Olvera.jpgDr. Mario Alberto Vargas Olvera, age 52. Died: Oct. 6, 2007 as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found in his home. He was a nationally and internationally recognized biologist.

Died 2006

#80: Lee%20Jong-wook.jpgLee Jong-woo, age 61. Died: May 22, 2006 after suffering a blood clot on the brain. Lee was spearheading the organization's fight against global threats from bird flu, AIDS and other infectious diseases. WHO director-general since 2003, Lee was his country's top international official. The affable South Korean, who liked to lighten his press conferences with jokes, was a keen sportsman with no history of ill-health, according to officials.

Died 2005

#79:  Leonid Strachunsky. Died: June 8, 2005 after being hit on the head with a champagne bottle. Strachunsky specialized in creating microbes resistant to biological weapons. Strachunsky was found dead in his hotel room in Moscow, where hed come from Smolensk en route to the United States. Investigators are looking for a connection between the murder of this leading bio weapons researcher and the hepatitis outbreak in Tver, Russia.

#78: 050519.Robert.J.Lull.jpgRobert J. Lull, age 66. Died: May 19, 2005 of multiple stab wounds. Despite his missing car and apparent credit card theft, homicide Inspector Holly Pera said investigators aren't convinced that robbery was the sole motive for Lull's killing. She said a robber would typically have taken more valuables from Lull's home than what the killer left with. Lull had been chief of nuclear medicine at San Francisco General Hospital since 1990 and served as a radiology professor at UCSF. He was past president of the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the San Francisco Medical Society and served as editor of the medical society's journal, San Francisco Medicine, from 1997 to 1999. Lee Lull said her former husband was a proponent of nuclear power and loved to debate his political positions with others.

#77:  Todd Kauppila, age 41. Died: May 8, 2005 of hemorrhagic pancreatitis at the Los Alamos hospital, according to the state medical examiner's office.  Picture of him was not available to due secret nature of his work. This is his funeral picture.  His death came two days after Kauppila publicly rejoiced over news that the lab's director was leaving.  Kauppila was fired by director Pete Nanos on Sept. 23, 2004 following a security scandal.  Kauppila said he was fired because he did not immediately return from a family vacation during a lab investigation into two classified computer disks that were thought to be missing. The apparent security breach forced Nanos to shut down the lab for several weeks. Kauppila claimed he was made a scapegoat over the disks, which investigators concluded never existed. The mistake was blamed on a clerical error.  After he was fired, Kauppila accepted a job as a contractor at Bechtel Nevada Corp., a research company that works with Los Alamos and other national laboratories. He was also working on a new Scatter Reduction Grids in Megavolt Radiography focused on metal plates or crossed grids to act to stop the scattered radiation while allowing the unscattered or direct rays to pass through with other scientists: Scott Watson (LANL, DX-3), Chuck Lebeda (LANL, XTA),  Alan Tubb (LANL, DX-8), and Mike Appleby (Tecomet Thermo Electron Corp.)

#76: 050509.David.Banks.jpgDavid Banks, age 55. Died: May 8, 2005. Banks, based in North Queensland, died in an airplane crash, along with 14 others. He was known as an Agro Genius inventing the mosquito trap used for cattle. Banks was the principal scientist with quarantine authority, Biosecurity Australia, and heavily involved in protecting Australians from unwanted diseases and pests. Most of Dr Banks' work involved preventing potentially devastating diseases making their way into Australia. He had been through Indonesia looking at the potential for foot and mouth disease to spread through the archipelago and into Australia. Other diseases he had fought to keep out of Australian livestock herds and fruit orchards include classical swine fever, Nipah virus and Japanese encephalitis.

#75: Douglas.James.Passaro.jpgDr. Douglas James Passaro, age 43. Died April 18, 2005 from unknown cause in Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Passaro was a brilliant epidemiologist who wanted to unlock the secrets of a spiral-shaped bacteria that causes stomach disease. He was a professor who challenged his students with real-life exercises in bioterrorism. He was married to Dr. Sherry Nordstrom..

#74:  Angara.jpgGeetha Angara, age 43. Died: February 8, 2005. This formerly missing chemist was found in a Totowa, New Jersey water treatment plant's tank. Angara, 43, of Holmdel, was last seen on the night of Feb. 8 doing water quality tests at the Passaic Valley Water Commission plant in Totowa, where she worked for 12 years. Divers found her body in a 35-foot-deep sump opening at the bottom of one of the emptied tanks. Investigators are treating Angara's death as a possible homicide. Angara, a senior chemist with a doctorate from New York University, was married and mother of three.

#73:  image051.jpgJeong H. Im, age 72. Died: January 7, 2005. Korean Jeong H. Im, died of multiple stab wounds to the chest before firefighters found in his body in the trunk of a burning car on the third level of the Maryland Avenue Garage.  A retired research assistant professor at the University of Missouri - Columbia and primarily a protein chemist, MUPD with the assistance of the Columbia Police Department and Columbia Fire Department are conducting a death investigation of the incident. A "person of interest" described as a male 6'–6'2" wearing some type of mask possible a painters mask or drywall type mask was seen in the area of the Maryland Avenue Garage. Dr. Im was primarily a protein chemist and he was a researcher in the field.

Died in 2004

#72: Darwin.Kenneth.Vest.jpg Darwin Kenneth Vest, born April 22, 1951, was an internationally renowned entomologist, expert on hobo spiders and other poisonous spiders and snakes. Darwin disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 1999 while walking in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho (USA). The family believes foul play was involved in his disappearance. A celebration of Darwin's life was held in Idaho Falls and Moscow on the one-year anniversary of his disappearance. The services included displays of Darwin's work and thank you letters from school children and teachers. Memories of Darwin were shared by at least a dozen speakers from around the world and concluded with the placing of roses and a memorial wreath in the Snake River. A candlelight vigil was also held that evening on the banks of the Snake River.

Darwin was declared legally dead the first week of March 2004 and now the family is in the process of obtaining restraining orders against several companies who saw fit to use his name and photos without permission. His brother David is legal conservator of the estate and his sister Rebecca is handling issues related to Eagle Rock Research and ongoing research projects.

Media help in locating Darwin is welcome. Continuing efforts to solve this mystery include recent DNA sampling. Stories about his disappearance continue to appear throughout the world. Issues surrounding missing adult investigations have received new attention following the tragedies of 911.

#s70-71:  image049.jpgTom Thorne, age 64; Beth Williams, age 53; Died: December 29, 2004. Two wild life scientists, Husband-and-wife wildlife veterinarians who were nationally prominent experts on chronic wasting disease and brucellosis were killed in a snowy-weather crash on U.S. 287 in northern Colorado.

#69:  image047.jpg Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher. Died: December 21, 2004. Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead north of Baghdad by unknown gunmen. He was on his way to work at Diyala University when armed men opened fire on his car as it was crossing a bridge in Baqouba, 57 km northeast of Baghdad. The vehicle swerved off the bridge and fell into the Khrisan river. Al-Daher, who was a professor at the local university, was removed from the submerged car and rushed to Baqouba hospital where he was pronounced dead.

#68:  image045.jpg John R. La Montagne, age 61. Died: November 2, 2004.  Died while in Mexico, no cause stated, later disclosed as pulmonary embolism.  PhD, Head of US Infectious Diseases unit under Tommie Thompson.  Was NIAID Deputy Director.  Expert in AIDS Program work and Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

#67:  Matthew Allison, age 32.  Died: October 13, 2004. Fatal explosion of a car parked at an Osceola County, Fla., Wal-Mart store.  It was no accident, Local 6 News has learned. Found inside a burned car. Witnesses said the man left the store at about 11 p.m. and entered his Ford Taurus car when it exploded. Investigators said they found a Duraflame log and propane canisters on the front passenger's seat.  Allison had a college degree in molecular biology and biotechnology.

#66:  Mohammed Toki Hussein al-Talakani, age 40. Died: September 5, 2004: Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad. He was a practicing nuclear physicist since 1984.

#65:  Professor John Clark,  Age 52, Died: August 12, 2004.  Found hanged in his holiday home.  An expert in animal science and biotechnology where he developed techniques for the genetic modification of livestock; this work paved the way for the birth, in 1996, of Dolly the sheep, the first animal to have been cloned from an adult.  Head of the science lab which created Dolly the sheep.   Prof Clark led the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, one of the world s leading animal biotechnology research centers. He played a crucial role in creating the transgenic sheep that earned the institute worldwide fame. He was put in charge of a project to produce human proteins (which could be used in the treatment of human diseases) in sheep's milk. Clark and his team focused their study on the production of the alpha-I-antitryps in protein, which is used for treatment of cystic fibrosis. Prof Clark also founded three spin-out firms from Roslin - PPL Therapeutics, Rosgen and Roslin BioMed.

#64: image043.jpg  Dr. John Badwey, age 54. Died: July 21, 2004.  Scientist and accidental politician when he opposed disposal of sewage waste program of exposing humans to sludge.  Suddenly developed pneumonia like symptoms then died in two weeks.  Biochemist at Harvard Medical School specializing in infectious diseases.

#63:  Dr. Bassem al-Mudares.  Died: July 21, 2004.  Mutilated body was found in the city of Samarra, Iraq*. He was a Phd. chemist and had been tortured before being killed. He was a drug company worker who had a chemistry doctorate.

#62: Stephen.Tabet.jpgProfessor Stephen Tabet, age 42. Died on July 6, 2004 from an unknown illness. He was an associate professor and epidemiologist at the University of Washington. A world-renowned HIV doctor and researcher who worked with HIV patients in a vaccine clinical trial for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network

#61: Dr. Larry Bustard, age 53. Died July 2, 2004 from unknown causes. He was a Sandia scientist in the Department of Energy who helped develop a foam spray to clean up congressional buildings and media sites during the anthrax scare in 2001. He worked at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque. As an expert in bioterrorism, his team came up with a new technology used against biological and chemical agents.

#60: Edward.Hoffman.jpgEdward Hoffman, age 62. Died July 1, 2004 from unknown causes. Hoffman was a professor and a scientist who also held leadership positions within the UCLA medical community. He worked to develop the first human PET scanner in 1973 at Washington University in St. Louis.

#59:  image041.jpg John Mullen, age 67. Died: June 29, 2004.  A Nuclear physicist poisoned with a huge dose of arsenic.  A nuclear research scientist with McDonnell Douglas. Police investigating will not say how Mullen was exposed to the arsenic or where it came from. At the time of his death he was doing contract work for Boeing.

#58:  Dr. Paul Norman, age 52. Died: June 27, 2004.  From Salisbury Wiltshire.  Killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed in Devon.  Expert in chemical and biological weapons. He traveled the world lecturing on defending against the scourge of weapons of mass destruction.  He was married with a 14-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter, and was the chief scientist for chemical and biological defense at the Ministry of Defense's laboratory at Porton Down, Wiltshire. The crash site was examined by officials from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the wreckage of the aircraft was removed from the site to the AAIB base at Farnborough.

#57: image039.jpg  Dr. Assefa Tulu, age 45. Died: June 24, 2004.  Dr. Tulu joined the health department in 1997 and served for five years as the county's lone epidemiologist. He was charged with trackcing the health of the county, including the spread of diseases, such as syphilis, AIDS and measles. He also designed a system for detecting a bioterrorism attack involving viruses or bacterial agents. Tulu often coordinated efforts to address major health concerns in Dallas County, such as the West Nile virus outbreaks of the past few years, and worked with the media to inform the public. Found face down, dead in his office. The Dallas County Epidemiologist died of a hemorrhagic stroke.

#56:  image037.jpg Thomas Gold, age 84. Died: June 22, 2004.  Austrian born Thomas Gold famous over the years for a variety of bold theories that flout conventional wisdom and reported in his 1998 book, "The Deep Hot Biosphere," the idea challenges the accepted wisdom of how oil and natural gas are formed and, along the way, proposes a new theory of the beginnings of life on Earth and potentially on other planets.  Long term battle with heart failure. Gold's theory of the deep hot biosphere holds important ramifications for the possibility of life on other planets, including seemingly inhospitable planets within our own solar system. He was Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Cornell University and was the founder (and for 20 years director) of Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. He was also involved in air accident investigations.

#55:  Antonina Presnyakova, age 46. Died:  May 25, 2004.  A Russian scientist at a former Soviet biological weapons laboratory in Siberia died after an accident with a needle laced with ebola. Scientists and officials said the accident had raised concerns about safety and secrecy at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, known as Vector, which in Soviet times specialized in turning deadly viruses into biological weapons. Vector has been a leading recipient of aid in an American program.

#54: image035.jpg Dr. Eugene Mallove, age 56. Died: May 14, 2004. Autopsy confirmed Mallove died as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found at the end of his driveway. Alt. Energy Expert who was working on viable energy alternative program and announcement. Norwich Free Academy graduate.Beaten to death during an alleged robbery. Mallove was well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion. He had just published an "open letter" outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of "new energy research." Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.

#53: William T. McGuire, age 39. Found May 5, 2004, last seen late April 2004. Body found in three suitcases floating in Chesapeake Bay. He was NJ University Professor and Senior programmer analyst and adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. He emerged as one of the world's leading microbiologists and an expert in developing and overseeing multiple levels of biocontainment facilities.

#52: Ilsley Ingram, age 84. Died on April 12, 2004 from unknown causes. Ingram was Director of the Supraregional Haemophilia Reference Centre and the Supraregional Centre for the Diagnosis of Bleeding Disorders at the St. Thomas Hospital in London. Although his age is most likely the reason for his death, why wasn't this confirmed by the family in the news media?

#51: Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly, Died: April 2004.  This distinguished Iraqi chemistry professor   died in American custody from a sudden hit to the back of his head caused by blunt trauma. It was uncertain exactly how he died, but someone had hit him from behind, possibly with a bar or a pistol. His battered corpse turned up at Baghdad's morgue and the cause of death was initially recorded as "brainstem compression". It was discovered that US doctors had made a 20cm incision in his skull.

#50: Vadake Srinivasan, Died: March 13, 2004. Microbiologist crashed car into guard rail in Baton Rouge, LA.  Death was ruled a stroke. He was originally from India, was one of the most-accomplished and respected industrial biologists in academia, and held two doctorate degrees.

#49: Dr. Michael Patrick Kiley, age 62. Died: January 24, 2004. Died of massive heart attack. Ebola, Mad Cow Expert, top of the line world class. It is interesting to note, he had a good heart, but it "gave out". Dr. Shope and Dr. Kiley were working on the lab upgrade to BSL 4 at the UTMB Galvaston lab for Homeland Security. The lab would have to be secure to house some of the deadliest pathogens of tropical and emerging infectious disease as well as bioweaponized ones.

#48:  LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 Robert Shope, age 74. Died: January 23, 2004.  Virus Expert Who Warned of Epidemics, Dies died of lung transplant complications.  Later purported to have died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which can be caused by either environmental stimulus or a VIRUS.  It would not be hard to administer a drug that would cause Dr. Shope's lung transplant to either be rejected or to cause complications from the transplant. Dr. Shope led the group of scientists who had an 11 MILLION dollar fed grant to ensure the new lab would keep in the nasty bugs. Dr. Shope also met with and worked with Dr. Mike Kiley on the UTMB Galveston lab upgrade to BSL 4. When the upgrade would be complete the lab will host the most hazardous pathogens known to man especially tropical and emerging diseases as well as bioweapons.

#47: Dr Richard Stevens, age 54. Died: January 6, 2004. He had disappeared after arriving for work on 21 July, 2003. A doctor whose disappearance sparked a national manhunt, killed himself because he could not cope with the stress of a secret affair, a coroner has ruled. He was a hematologist. (hematologists analyze the cellular composition of blood and blood producing tissues e.g. bone marrow). 

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Complément ici, reçu à l'instant, merci l'Oserveur :
Rappel : 25 mars 2006


Assassinat de l’un des « Scientifiques pour la vérité sur le 11 septembre »


Michael Zebuhr (en photo) préparait un doctorat de biologie à la Clemson University et figurait parmi les membres du mouvement des « Scientifiques pour la vérité sur le 11 septembre », au sein duquel il jouait un rôle essentiel de coordination.
Accompagné de sa sœur, d’un ami et de Mme Suzanne Strong, sa mère, il sortait d’un dîner à Minneapolis samedi 25 mars 2006 lorsque deux individus se sont approchés pour exiger le portefeuille de Mme Strong, qui leur a été remis sans résistance, a déclaré la police. Sans raison apparente, les deux agresseurs ont ensuite abattu Michael Zebuhr d’une balle dans la tête. Ce dernier est décédé 24 heures plus tard au Hennepin County Medical Center des suites de ses blessures.
Le Réseau Voltaire se joint à la famille de la victime, ainsi qu’au Mouvement des scientifiques pour la vérité sur le 11 septembre, pour exiger que toute la lumière soit faite sur ce crime qui prive un combat essentiel et difficile de l’un de ses plus courageux militants.








Lire aussi :

Morts suspectes chez les scientifiques :


C'est l'hécatombe chez les savants et les chercheurs!

Depuis les années 1980, c'est plus de 70 chercheurs diplômés en sciences et d'experts travaillant par exemple pour Marconi ou le "Plessey Defence Systems", qui sont morts dans des circonstances mystérieuses, la plupart paraissant être des "suicides" déguisés. Le Ministère de la Défense Britannique a nié que ces scientifiques étaient impliqués dans des projets classés Secret-Défense et que leurs décès n'étaient en aucune façon lié à ces projets. 
Sans parler des chercheurs en médecine, travaillant sur les maladies contagieuses et les virus. Faut-il voir un lien entre ces décès et les manoeuvres secrètes des laboratoires pharmaceutiques, comme avec par exemple, la "pandémie programmée" de la grippe A?
Comme vous allez le voir, le milieu scientifique n'est pas à l'abri en matière de "suicides" déguisés ou "d'accidents" bizarres. Jugez-en...

Mars 1982: Le professeur Keith Bowden, 46 ans.
- Expertise: programmeur informatique et scientifique à l'Université d'Essex, à travaillé pour Marconi, où on l'a salué comme étant "un spécialiste dans le domaine des super-ordinateurs et des appareils contrôlés par ordinateur".
- Circonstance du décès: accident de voiture mortel lorsqu'il a perdu le contrôle de son véhicule qui est sorti d'une route à double voie et a plongé sur une ligne de chemin de fer désaffectée, située en contre-bas. La Police a soutenue qu'il avait consommé de l'alcool mais la famille et les amis ont tous nié cette allégation.
- Résultat de l'enquête: Accident. (..)




Savants Maudits,
Chercheurs Exclus



Mirko Beljanski, docteur ès-sciences, chercheur en biologie moléculaire à l'Institut Pasteur pendant trente ans, puis en Faculté de pharmacie dix ans, qui inventa des produits efficaces contre le cancer ( utilisés avec profit par François Mitterrand ) ainsi que contre le sida. Il créa son propre laboratoire et put guérir de nombreux malades. Sur plainte de l'ordre des pharmaciens, il fut arrêté, menottes aux mains, à l'âge de 73 ans, puis persécuté judiciairement jusqu'à ce que mort s'ensuive. (...)

D'autres exemples ici :  http://www.ldi5.com/heret/lance.php










Le Mossad a assassiné 530 scientifiques irakiens.
Par Mahmoud Albaroudi  
samedi 17 juin 2006  
La situation difficile des universitaires irakiens
Traduit de l’anglais par Mahmoud Albaroudi
De nombreux rapports, faits sur une période de plusieurs mois, ont établi la collaboration des forces d’occupation usaméricaines avec le service d’espionnage israélien, le Mossad, dans l’assassinat d’au moins 530 scientifiques et académiciens irakiens.
Les assassinats des universitaires et scientifiques irakiens ont commencé en avril 2003, mais le dernier chapitre a été découvert le mardi 14 juin 2005 par le Centre d’information de la Palestine qui, citant un rapport compilé par le département d’Etat américain et destiné au président américain, a déclaré que les agents israéliens et étrangers envoyés par le Mossad, en coopération avec les Etats-Unis, en Irak, ont tué au moins 350 scientifiques irakiens et plus de 200 personnalités académiques et de professeurs d’université.
Selon le rapport, qui a été mentionné par le Président George W. Bush des États-Unis, les agents de Mossad avaient opéré en Irak dans le but de liquider les scientifiques irakiens (spécialistes du nucléaire et de la biologie) et d éminents professeurs d’université
Cela s est passé après que les États-Unis aient échoué à persuader ces scientifiques de collaborer ou de travailler pour eux.
« Les commandos israéliens ont opéré sur le territoire irakien durant plus d’une année, l essentiel de leurs activités étant la liquidation des scientifiques et des intellectuels irakiens. Les Sionistes ont recouru à une campagne d’assassinats à grande échelle après l’échec des efforts usaméricains, commencés juste après l invasion de l’Irak, pour attirer un certain nombre de scientifiques irakiens à coopérer avec eux en allant travailler aux Etats-Unis » Citant le rapport, le centre d’information de la Palestine ajoute : « Quelques scientifiques irakiens ont été forcés de travailler dans les centres de recherches américains ; cependant, la plupart d’entre eux ont refusé de coopérer dans certains domaines et se sont sauvés des États-Unis vers d’autres pays ».
Le Pentagone fit sienne la suggestion du Mossad, qui estime que la meilleure manière de se débarrasser de ces scientifiques était « de les éliminer physiquement ».
Le service de sécurité américain a fourni à Israël des biographies complètes des scientifiques et des universitaires irakiens pour faciliter leur élimination. Le rapport indique que la campagne du Mossad, visant les scientifiques irakiens, est toujours en cours.
Situation difficile des universitaires irakiens
Ci-dessous l exposé détaillé, du Docteur Jalili Ismail, des crimes du Mossad contre les scientifiques irakiens. L exposé a été fait lors de la conférence internationale de Madrid sur les assassinats des universitaires irakiens, les 23 et 24 avril 2006.
Le Docteur. Jalili note que :
Beaucoup de tentatives d’assassinat ont eu comme conséquence, la mort d’autres membres des familles et des escortes. Ces victimes n’ont pas été incluses ou mentionnées par cette étude. Les tentatives d’assassinat continuent. Des menaces répétées sur la vie sont faites pour forcer des personnes à quitter l’Irak. Un nombre considérable de menaces sur la vie n est pas rapporté. La dernière semaine d’avril 2006, les médecins de Mossoul ont fait l objet d une campagne de menaces pour les pousser à quitter l’Irak. Les assassinats des universitaires irakiens sont un nouveau phénomène. Les assassinats, les enlèvements et les menaces sur la vie, pour contraindre les universitaires et les médecins à quitter l’Irak, ne suivent aucun modèle religieux ou sectaire. Le seul facteur dominant est que la majorité absolue de victimes sont ethniquement des Arabes
La présentation affirme ce qui suit :
La défense des universitaires irakiens et des médecins devrait commencer par la condamnation de la guerre qui a créé cette situation en Irak, où les assassinats sont impunis. Les puissances d occupation et leurs collaborateurs sont responsables de la protection des vies des civils irakiens et le respect du droit international. L’assassinat des universitaires et des professionnels de santé irakiens fait partie d’une tentative préméditée d’empêcher l’Irak de regagner son statut d Etat indépendant et souverain. Défendre des universitaires et des professionnels de santé irakiens n’est pas séparé de la nécessité d’être solidaire avec les irakiens et leur mouvement national d’anti-colonisation. Les Irakiens, comme toutes les personnes, ont un droit à la science et à l’éducation et les droits inaliénables de la liberté de pensée, d’_expression, de recherche et d’innovation. Le droit des familles, des professionnels et des universitaires de santé assassinés d’avoir une compensation qui doit être assurée dans tous les cas. Les délégués ayant assisté à la conférence ont réaffirmé leur engagement et leur détermination à travailler pour soulever, à tous les niveaux, la question de la destruction criminelle du professionnel et de la richesse intellectuelle de l’Irak.
En particulier, les délégations réclament :
Exiger que l’UNESCO assure la défense des intellectuels et des professionnels en Irak. Exiger que l’Office du haut commissaire pour des droits de l’homme accomplisse son devoir pour protéger les vies et les droits de l’homme des médecins et des universitaires irakiens et de tous les civils irakiens. Demander à Madrid de transmettre les principaux soucis de cette campagne aux universités espagnoles, la fédération internationale des universités Inviter les médias du monde pour comprendre que le massacre des universitaires et des professionnels de santé irakiens est un résultat de l occupation Continuer à travailler pour établir une campagne internationale de solidarité liant des universitaires irakiens dans l’exil et en Irak avec leurs pairs, aux universités dans le monde entier. Pousser les parlements nationaux et régionaux à soulever et à débattre le problème de la destruction criminelle de la classe intellectuelle et professionnelle de l’Irak. Les soussignés affirment qu’elles continueront à coopérer pour dénoncer l occupation et ses crimes innombrables et à se tenir toujours dans la solidarité avec le peuple irakien.
Source : aljazeera.com

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